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China's S355J0W steel plate prices on June 19 steel plate

The latest price trend of S355J0W steel plate in the Chinese market is rising. The price of 8*2200*8000mm S355J0W steel plate is 676.92 usd/ton, the price of 16-20*2000*8000mm S355J0W steel plate is 649.23 usd/ton, and 40*2000*8000mm S355J0W steel plate price is 663.08 usd/ton, 1.54 usd/ton higher than that of yesterday respectively.

S355J0W steel plate prices rose today, steel prices rose by 1.54 usd/ton, market prices rose, the overall turnover is normal.

China's S355J0W steel plate prices or shocks are expected to adjust and operate in the short term.

China's S355J0W steel plate prices on June 19:

Product Size (mm) Price (usd/ton) Fluctuation
S355J0W steel plate 8*2200*8000 676.92 ↑1.54 usd/ton
S355J0W steel plate 10*2200*8000 661.54 ↑1.54 usd/ton
S355J0W steel plate 12*2200*8000 649.23 ↑1.54 usd/ton
S355J0W steel plate 14*2200*8000 649.23 ↑1.54 usd/ton
S355J0W steel plate 16-20*2000*8000 649.23 ↑1.54 usd/ton
S355J0W steel plate 20*2000*8000 649.23 ↑1.54 usd/ton
S355J0W steel plate 25-30*2200*8000 663.08 ↑1.54 usd/ton
S355J0W steel plate 40*2000*8000 663.08 ↑1.54 usd/ton

BBN steel is famous S355J0W steel plate supplier and exporter. S355J0W steel plates are mainly used for steel structures such as railways, vehicles, bridges and towers which have been exposed to the atmosphere for a long time. S355J0W steel plate is used to manufacture structural parts such as containers, railway vehicles, oil derricks, harbour buildings, oil platforms and containers containing hydrogen sulfide corrosion media in chemical and petroleum equipment.

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