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API 5L Grades for Pipes steel plate

What is the difference between API 5L Grade X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70 Pipes. I just want to know how they differ.

The higher "X" numbers refer to higher yield strengths of steel. This in simplistic terms allows pipes to be furnished with either higher pressure ratings, or suitability for higher pressures with a particular given wall thickness. The effects can be observed with many design calculations and tools

these types of pipe acc to. API 5L ARE MOSTLY similar in chemical compositions, but very differnet in the mechanical properties i.e x52 means yield strength is 52 ksi (358 mpa ), also, API X65 & API X 52 ARE SIMILAR IN CHEMICAL COMPOSITION BUT VERY DIFFERNET IN THE MECHANICAL PROPERTIES, BECAUSE X65 IS QUENCHED AND TEMPERED


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