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S275N steel ,S275N steel Specifications steel plate

S275N steel is a hot rolled structural steels, which technical delivery conditions for normalized or normalized rolled in weldable fine grain structural steel grade.

S275NL are used in many applications, combining good welding properties with guaranteed strengths.
S275N steel are used above all for manufacturing highly stressed welded structures in the construction of heavy machinery, bridges and steel structures. S275NL steel is available for application temperatures below -20 °C. There are many grades and the uses varied including civil and industrial engineering. High strength low alloys have replaced many structural steels where weight reduction is important (e.g. automotive) but with guaranteed strengths.

S275N steel Delivery State:
Hot rolled ,Normalizing , Tempering , Normalizing plus Tempering ,Quenching and Tempering , other delivery states.

S275N steel Specifications(T*W*L): 5--300 mm* 1500-3900mm * 3000--18000 mm

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