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P 460 N steel plate,P460 N Mechanical properties steel plate

P 460 N steel plate is one of the mainly High Yield steel,P460N is used in High Yield steel , High temperature structural steel of the German standard number, widely used in petroleum, chemical, power plants, boilers and other industries for the production of reactors, heat exchang, separators, tank, gas cans, gas cans, nuclear reactor pressure vessel , Boiler drum, liquefied petroleum gas bottles, high-pressure water station, other equipment and components and spiral case.

P460 N Mechanical properties:
Tensile Strength σb(MPa) :
460(thickness under 16mm);
445 (thickness between 16-40mm);
430(thickness between 40-60mm);
400(thickness between 60-100mm)
Yield Strength σ0.2(MPa):
570-720 (thickness under60mm);
540-710(thickness between 60-100mm)
Elongationδ5(%):≥ 17(thickness under 60mm)

P460N steel Specifications(T*W*L): 8--150 mm* 1500--4020mm * 3000--18000 mm
(according to customers requirements, this scope can be expanded)

P460N steel Materials quality: our products are approved by TUV,ABS,DNV,LR,ISO9001:2008. sample is available for your check according to your request .

Additional technicals: As your wish,we can provide you AR,CR,TMCP,N or QT Heat treatment, PWHT, UT, Low Temperature Impacting Test,HIC and so on.
Additional processing: CNC Cutting (Laser,Flame,Plasma), welding, shoting Blasting and Painting.

we will use our professional services , best quality and competitive price to fullfill each customers needs in steel plate. if you want to and need the P460N steel ,P460 N Mechanical properties , please feel free to contact us, we will do our best to help you.


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